Friday, March 13, 2009

Limits on leeches

Hirudo medicinalis
Starting next month, uninsured Illinoisans can expect a little alleviation, The News-Gazette reports:
"A new state law set to take effect April 1, the Hospital Patient Uninsured Discount Act, will limit the amount an Illinois hospital can charge an eligible uninsured patient to 35 percent above the cost of care.

"The new law will also limit how much money hospitals can collect from uninsured patients in a single year to 25 percent of their gross annual income...."
What a relief! A hospital can only come after a quarter of my pitiful earnings.

Of course, that's only the hospital itself. It doesn't count the individual doctors, the anesthesiologists, the independent laboratories or all the other bloodsuckers who bill you any time you wind up in the hospital. They can still dun you for all you're worth.

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