Saturday, March 7, 2009

Even George Ryan could run a better health-care plan

George RyanTPM reports on today's Republican weekly address, quoting Rep. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.) about proposals to create a government-run health care agency:
"Just imagine a health care system that looks like a government run operation most of us are all too familiar with — the local DMV. Lines, paperwork, taking a number."
I'd sure like to have access to the medical providers Blunt has. Even when I had insurance, I endured long waits at the doctor's office and all kinds of paperwork. Blunt clearly has no clue as to what most of us have to put up with. As a member of Congress, "when he gets an owie, he just trots over to Walter Reed and gets it taken care of, gratis," erichayes noted. As fpie put it:
"Just imagine a health-care system run by corporations that overcharge for insurance, refuse to pay legitimate claims, drive everybody crazy with unnecessary paperwork and wreck the economy! And by the way provide lousy health care."
I don't think that any of the plans being considered in Washington now go far enough, but even our latest crooked governor but one, George Ryan, currently behind bars for taking bribes for drivers' licenses while Illinois Secretary of State, could run a better health-care system than we've got now.

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