Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Health-care reformers' calendar

OK, I was so perturbed by the paucity of events marking Cover the Unisured Week, I made one up:

Bloggers for National Health Care Day, Saturday, March 28

As the culmination of Cover the Uninsured Week, March 22–28, lend your voice to the call for a national health care system that covers all Americans. Though polls show most Americans believe we need a program that covers everyone, health-care reform is in considerable danger of being turned into a Band-Aid on the present system.

Let your readers know that they need to take action now — contact their legislators and tell them we need health care for all, and it can't wait.

I can't say it's getting a whole lot of attention. But this other event, next month, is real:

Rally for Real Health Reform, Saturday, April 18

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