Friday, June 19, 2009

Maher on Obama and health care: Right again


Sorry if you've seen this already. I don't have cable, so I see these things when they come around on YouTube. Bill Maher is absolutely right here. Pres. "Go with the Flow" Obama is not giving us the leadership we expected or deserve.

The way he and the Democrats in Congress are kowtowing to the GOP in the name of a useless bipartisanship is a crying shame. Now is not the time to turn the other cheek and try to prove how much better your manners are than the Republicans'. Too many lives are on the line. Use your power while you have it.

We should all stop basking in the relief that Bush is gone, and push Obama into doing the things we need him to do.

Stop making nice, Mr. President. Fight for us. History will judge you on what you achieve, not on how you look on TV.

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