Monday, June 1, 2009

June 6: Organizing for health care — rewrite the script!

"On June 6th, thousands of people just like you are beginning to organize for health care reform by hosting or attending a Health Care Organizing Kickoff," says the Democratic National Committee's Organizing for America.

Pres. Obama will join confirmed hosts and attendees in a live conference call. Some 50 events are already planned for the Chicago area. The Web site lets sign up to host or attend a kickoff function, and provides scripts for how it should go.

The kickoffs are intended to organize a June 27 National Health Care Day of Service and to promote Obama's three key health reform principles:
  1. Reduce rising health-care costs
  2. Guarantee choice in keeping or finding a new doctor or insurance
  3. Ensure affordable care for all
It's No. 2 that's the hitch, since by "choice" the administration means your choice to preserve the greedy, corrupt health-insurance companies that are enriching Congress at the expense of Americans' health. It defeats the other two principles.

I don't like that choice. The 50 million of us who are uninsured don't have any health-care choices right now. The millions more who are stuck with whatever plan their employer offers don't have any choice. The people who can't change jobs because they'll lose coverage of their pre-existing conditions don't have a choice, either.

We don't need choice. We need health care!

Yet I definitely think single-payer advocates should sign up to host and attend these organizing events. Just rewrite the script!

Use this as an opportunity to point out that before Washington's sacred cash cows got to him, Pres. Obama was an advocate for single payer universal health care. "That's what I'd like to see," he said. "We may not get immediately, because we've got to take back the White House. We've got to take back the Senate. We've got to take back the House."

Point out that we've done all of those things, now, so it's time to take back health care, too.

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  1. I liked your idea, so I created a re-write the script event on MyBo. It's just a small event at home because I cannot afford a big shindig of the sort I used to do. I wonder if I'll get any takers or how long it will take for them to take it down.


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