Friday, June 5, 2009

Can we have worse health care than today? Yes we can!

Black Sox Scandal
Say it ain't so, Barack. Say it ain't so.

Well, I never would've thought it.

Of all my nightmares over health care, the one I never thought would come to pass is a system worse than we have now. Yet it's looming on the horizon: A system in which everyone is forced to buy health insurance from the big, greedy insurance companies who continue to practice their current deceitful schemes to get out of actually providing coverage. And if you don't pay, you either face fines, or have to fill out a lot of humiliating paperwork detailing your impoverished state in order to qualify for the privilege of doing without decent health care.

That's the plan being considered by senators Max Baucus and Edward Kennedy and, yes, Pres. Barack Obama. And they call themselves Democrats?

I can't write anymore, I'm too appalled.

Please, Barack, say it ain't so.

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