Thursday, April 16, 2009

Insurance lobby resorts to dirty tricks

As if we needed more proof that the health-insurance lobby are lying scum, comes this from the North Andover, Mass., Eagle Tribune:
Elderly used as front in letter-writing campaign
'Grass-roots' effort looks more like Astroturf

By Ken Johnson

Across Massachusetts, senior citizens are writing letters to newspapers demanding that their representatives in Congress protect a form of health insurance called Medicare Advantage.

At least that's what newspaper editors are supposed to think.

Some of those seniors are unaware that they have sent any such letters to newspapers. Some of them hadn't even heard of Medicare Advantage.

"I did not write a letter to the editor. It's not from me," said Gloria Gosselin, 75, of Lawrence....
That's right. In their efforts to scuttle health-care reform, insurance companies have resorted to forging letters to the editor from senior citizens.

Caught in the act, the dirty tricksters responsible then try to paint the elderly people whose names they attached to the bogus letters as too senile to remember writing them! On top of that, they have the bald-faced nerve to call their campaign "a transparent, honest and truthful effort"!

Why on earth would anyone want to protect this immoral industry?

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